Group Activity Policy

St Louis Music & Performing Arts Club, Inc.

Group Activity Policy


GROUP ACTIVITIES: Group activity (eg. class or rehearsal) time is considered a standing appointment. Activity will begin and end at published times, and will not be extended in event of student tardiness. Please give advanced notice, when possible, if student is unable to attend. There is no refund or rescheduling for missed group activity due to student absence. Rescheduling is only done in the event of teacher absence. In the event group activity is canceled due to inclement weather, it may be rescheduled or refunded at the St Louis MPAC’s discretion. If student cancels or fails to attend a scheduled make-up date, the missed group activity will not be rescheduled nor will participation fee be credited.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: To reduce illness, please wash hands (or use hand sanitizer) prior to start of each group activity.

In the event of sickness, participant must be free of fever and gastrointestinal symptoms for 24 hours, and without medication for symptom relief, before attending a scheduled group activity.

Please notify your instructor when a student must miss two or more consecutive dates. In such cases as sickness, injury, and bereavement, arrangements to make up missed time will be made or participation will be credited upon students return to regularly scheduled lessons.

In case of medical emergency, student/guardian is responsible for any related expenses.

FEES/PAYMENT: Participation fees are set fees to be paid in advance of activity.

A non-refundable registration fee may be asked for some group activities.

Online pay is preferred; cash, check, and credit card payments are accepted.

There is a $35 fee for declined transactions/returned checks.

PERFORMANCES: Opportunities to display accomplishments in performances are given throughout the year. Entry fees may apply for certain performances. These non-refundable fees are determined by the individuals and organizations sponsoring the events, and payment to participate is the responsibility of participants or parents/guardians.

PHOTOS/VIDEOS: Photos taken and videos recorded by St Louis MPAC may be posted to MPAC website and social media or used for individual MPAC instructor’s continuing professional development courses/projects.

EXIT POLICY: Notification to end participation in group activities may be emailed to or received from There is no refund for participant withdrawal or dismissal.

AGREEMENT: I understand payment made to St Louis Music and Performing Arts Club, Inc. serves as agreement to terms outlined in the above Policy.

Aug 2018

Marschnee Strong, President

St Louis Music and Performing Arts Club, Inc.



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